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    I have done an exercise in the past where I ask students to think of a case where they think the accused was unfairly maligned by the press. Then I make them research the facts of the case themselves using original sources.

    Most of the time, they are horrified by what they find.

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    Notably, their statement does not include an apology

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    In the wake of the awfulness of the , please check out and support these two organizations: @knowyourIX and @FacAgainstRape And the work of Jennifer Freyd on DARVO and institutional betrayal. We need to stand together.

  4. Reporting sexual harassment to your school doesn’t mean you forfeit your privacy rights! Important thread 👇

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    It also feels important for people to find each other for the activism needed to address the underlying structures and policies -- for Title IX work, @knowyourIX @EndRapeOnCampus @nwlc @GGENYC @EqualRightsAdv and I'm sure others have active campaigns.

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    Don’t worry y’all it’s not like you’ve done any permanent damage by intimidating other students out of coming forward about sexual harassment! It’s all good!

  7. Don’t forget, it’s not just Harvard. Schools across the country are massively failing survivors. We surveyed over 100 students who reported to their school, 70% said reporting negatively effected their safety and privacy. 

  8. It’s almost as if abusers spin stories to their own benefit. A tip for faculty: maybe wait before boldly undermining students’ complaints of sexual harassment.

  9. This story is shocking, but not surprising if you’ve reported sexual harassment. In fact, 70% of survivors who report to their school say the experience adverse effects on their privacy and safety.

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    this is about Harvard but this is also about all sexual violence!

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    This is especially striking in the context of the US academic system, which prides itself on freedom of speech.

    And yet, cultivates silence around harassment and abuse.

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    In all seriousness, so proud of all the amazing things @knowyourIX alumni have gone on to do across progressive movements (many but not all as attys)! Invest in young organizers for the work they do now, and the leadership they'll show for decades to come!

  13. It’s so easy to not harass your students, we promise. No need to minimize students’ reports by removing support and resources from your students.

  14. “I knew that my case could not have been the only one handled like that. I realized that it was not just my case. It was part of a system.”

    Schools are failing survivors. 39% of survivors who report are pushed out of ed because of their school’s failures. 

  15. This! Saying “Me Too has gone too far” is just another way of saying, “I don’t actually want people to be held accountable.”

  16. This is just one of many times Harvard faculty have openly stood against victims of sexual harassment and abuse. And every single time, they stop other victims from coming forward. 

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    Today’s the 49th anniversary of Roe v Wade and-on the eve of a court decision that will likely gut abortion rights in this country-a reminder that legal access is the bare minimum floor. It’s never been close to enough, and to have to fight for crumbs is insulting and exhausting